King size & Standard size  European German Shepherds &  Doberman Pinschers with excellent temperaments Since 1972

Excellent Temperaments, Family Pets,protection, 
Show, and Working Abilities.

At  Vonwitte's we offer Pups and stud services from top notch Imported champion and Grand champion European lines.

 Puppies will have very high intelligence, they will be strong nerved , level headed, they should do very well with agility, obedience ,show, search and rescue, protection and make great family companions.
All parents on property. Excellent temperaments!
All puppies are given physicals & first shots from our veterinarian. Proof of vet record/receipt included with each pup. 

FOR SALE   German shepherd (Wilhelmina) adult female born 02/18/2017 , Excellent temperament. 
Shown under Our Dogs page.
TEXT (231) 834-5276 or email me if interested.

Warrior Von Witte, Proven stud, stands  28" at withers and a solid 105 lbs  (Top end of European standard) registered with AKC and has IPO1, IPO2 & IPO3 ,SCHH3 Champion lines in his pedigree link shown below. 
He is a gentle breeder and has bred successfully to both small and large size females.

He has deep,black & rich deep mahogany coloring,strong blocky head, and a square jawline giving him that fierce traditional look of the European Doberman.He has an EXCELLENT temperament and loves to please. Gets along great with people and other animals.
 He is extremely smart,athletic, friendly, never shy, shows no fear and learned to sit, down, shake, high five, play dead,speak and was housebroken before 12 weeks of age, boundary trained by 6 months of age on 10 acres and has a strong food drive (scent/tracking ) and is home protection trained .
Loves playing tug a war, ball and Frisbee In any weather even  in deep snow ! Very athletic.

 Both warrior's parents have been health tested and clear for vWd, OFA, hips, elbows, heart, thyroid, and eyes,no Z factor (albino in his lines) and come from generation after generation of STRICT health and temperament tested European Doberman Pinscher standards. (where the original Doberman Pinscher was born)

Warrior is Grandson of International Champion Rio OD Stevanovica & International Champion Donn Chagall Home, Great Grandson of WORLDWIN, ICH ,Maxim di Altobello & INT. CH. Chagall best of Milano. Pedigree links below.



Warriors offspring should have VERY high intelligence, they will be strong nerved level headed, they should do very well with agility, obedience,show, search and rescue, protection and make great family companions!
 All breeding females must have proof of current up to date shots and a negative brucellosis test done within 2 weeks of breeding.
Stud fee is a deal at $800, CASH due at time of breeding.
 TEXT  (231) 834-5276 or email me.

WARRIOR USUALLY TIES WITHIN 5 to 20 MINUTES with females that are ready/flagging and ready to breed.Usually the 12th &13th  day or the 13th &14th day of heat cycle (best usual days for breeding) BEST IF SKIPPING A DAY IN BETWEEN BREEDING ATTEMPTS FOR THOSE THAT DO NOT HAVE TO TRAVEL VERY FAR.This is for female dogs that have not had a smear  or progesterone test done by a veterinarian or owner is not sure of what exact day the dogs heat cycle is in. VETERINARIAN PROGESTERONE TEST IS RECOMMENDED  A camera will be on dogs at all times to witness any and all breeding's when dogs are alone.

Below is a link to Warrior Waving Hi, other videos coming later in summer/fall of 2018
NEW LITTER of  Doberman puppies,
Super Grand Champion IPO 1,2,3, SCHH3 lines
 Sire: Warrior Von Witte  
 Dam: Desert Illusion Angel & Demon
 Pups prices as follows

$1750 No cropping Limited AKC

$2150 Ears cropped Limited AKC

$3000 Includes ears cropped and Full AKC Registration

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