VonWitte's German Shepherds & Doberman Pinschers  

Breeding King size & Standard size European German Shepherds & Doberman Pinschers with excellent temperaments Since 1972 . 

At Vonwitte's we offer pups and stud services from imported top notch European lines.
Puppies will have very high   intelligence,they will be strong nerved level headed,they also should do very well at agility, obedience, search and rescue, protection and make great family pets and companions.    Parents on site and all have Excellent  temperaments! All  Puppies receive physicals and first shots by our veterinarian.
Copies of vet record receipt included with each pup.
The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most widely recognized breeds in the world. The breed is known and favored in many countries for its intelligence, trainability, adaptability and fortitude. The foundation of this breed is comparatively recent (1899), making the climb to its current numbers and status of renown even more amazing. Rittmeister Max von Stephanitz, proclaimed "the father of the breed," and his friend, Herr Artur Meyer, bought a working dog seen at a show in order to foster a strong, capable German herder. Von Stephanitz led the group that promoted German Shepherds from 1899 to 1935. During that time, he brought the breed to its current status of respect. With less demand for herding over the years, von Stephanitz was determined not to let the Shepherd decline and encouraged its use by the police and the military. During World War I, there were 48,000 Shepherds "enlisted" in the German Army. Today, the GSD serves perhaps in more ways than any other breed; search-and-rescue (S&R), police, army and sentry, scent discrimination and, of course, companion. They are superb dog guides for the blind and helpers for the handicapped.

European line Doberman Pinschers
Warrior has deep, black & rich mahogany coloring,strong blocky head, and a square jawline giving him that fierce traditional look of the European Doberman. 

Both warrior's parents and Desert's have been health tested for vWd, hips, elbows, heart, thyroid, and eyes and come from strict European (FCI) standards for the Doberman Pinscher breed.
           Warrior and Desert Illusion
        Pictured below at almost 1 year of age

Magnum is our beautiful black & dark red thick boned and a very masculine male with a excellent temperament! He is very loving and loyal.
              DM clear through parentage. 
                  Under new ownership

Pedigree lines include Furbo ,Quenn, Ober on Sires side and Quickly is daughter of VA1 Buonanotte and has Zamp, Quantrum, Vegas, packros, ragoon, and Batu along with many others in her world class pedigree!

VA2 Dux del Maglio 

V Quickli vom Zellwaldrand

Warrior is at about 28" at the withers and 105 lbs. (Top end of European standard)

Warrior is Grandson of International Champion Rio OD Stevanovica & International Champion Donn Chagall Home
Great Grandson of WORLDWIN, ICH ,Maxim di Altobello & INT. CH. Chagall best of Milano and has IPO1, IPO2 & IPO3 ,SCHH3 lines.
Pedigree links below.


                   Photo coming soon!

Wilhelmina is daughter of VA1 Zoro Splitberg and V1 Lola Vom Kelam Hof  and sister to 3 time VP1 winner Wera vom Hismerh  
Lola is a daughter of 2 x VA1 Vegas du haut mansard and Granddaughter of VA1 Pakros d' Ulmental

 VA1 Zoro Splitberg
V1 Lola Vom Kelam Hof
Warrior's Dam's side of pedigree
Warrior's Sire's side of pedigree
    Standing at stud
 Pictured above and below several months ago at 19 months of age and he is much more muscular then shown due to camera shadowing. He is currently 105 lbs pounds.
Below is a short video of Warrior waving Hi.
Other videos coming later this summer/fall