Here are some more photos of the past and present pups and dogs and what the owners have to say about their new additions to the family!
Hello Ginny-
My name is Tina Reid and in February my husband Jason and I came to your place and purchased one of your German Shepherd puppies. I just wanted to send you some pictures to show you how beautiful he is. His name is Jake and we love him very much. We have enjoyed having him. He has done very well with the training we do with him and he is always happy to learn new stuff. He has had all of his vet check ups and the vet loves him. They say that it is the best behaved GSD they have had in their office in a long time. Thank you for such a wonderful dog!
Tina Reid 
Hi Ginny,

Just wanted to email & let you know that the puppy is doing great.  We named him Ruger & he is a card, he is very playful & full of life.  I attached a picture of him sleeping because that is about the only time he sits still long enough to get a picture of him.......LOL  He is doing very good with the potty training, only 1 or 2 accidents so far (knock on wood).  I would say he is probably about 85 to 90% there right now.  He still doesn't like the cage that much but he is getting better with that at night.

Thanks again & we will email more pics as he grows
Bill & Malinda Vanderworp

Hi, we thought we should let you know that Zayne is doing great!  We love her so much and are very pleased that we have her.  She was one of the puppies from your daughters litter from 12-22 of last year.  She has become the couch potato that we wanted so badly.  She sleeps in our bed every night and is my constant companion.  She has started to make visits to the nursing home I  work at and the residents there think she is wonderful.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog.  Here are a few pictures of our lovely lady.  Could you let us know that you received them, we tried to send some at 6 mo. old but don't know if you got them.  Thank you again!
Missy Martinez

We bought one of your dogs approximately two years ago.  He is WONDERFUL!  His name is Apache and I have enclosed pictures of him for you.  I hope you enjoy them.

 King size & Standard size  European German Shepherds & Doberman Pinschers with excellent temperaments Since 1972

Hi Ginny,

We are one of your past families to purchase a pup back in 2000 on fourth of July weekend!  Just wanted to tell you that I stumbled upon your website while looking for GSD breeder, so I thought I would drop you a line.  Our Kane will be 12 years old May 13, he is laying here on the floor beside me as I write.  This dog has been a beloved family member since the day we brought him home from your house.  He has the best personality, so loving, loyal and truely magnificent looking.  He has rid our yard of all snakes and critters but is not agressive toward strangers, or our other animals.  We bought him a female for a companion when he was 5.  When we set her in the yard at 8 weeks old, he mothered her, it was the most amazing thing to watch.  He would herd her out of the driveway when he saw a car pull in! He would let her eat first.  He also opens doors and is extremely intelligent.  We are taking extra care now with him as he is showing his age and won't be with us too many more months.  I believe you called his mother Dusty (Dust Storm).   Anyway, I just thought you might like to hear that one of your pups has lived a good long happy life here with us.  Out of the three german shepherds we have now....he is everybodys favorite.  : )
Kita Family

Everyone, including our trainer, Kirk Gillette, is impressed with Ellie. 

Thanks for breeding a fine dog!!
As you can see we are very proud of him. He is very smart completely potty broke micro chipped and neutered.  We are truly blessed to have him.  He may have been your last one to go but for us he is the best one. Thank you for being such good breeders.    

Doug marge and remi 
    I want to compliment you again on the wonderful litter your stud,
Torque, produced with Petra.  She whelped nine beautiful, healthy puppies
from her mating with Torque.  Attached is a 9 week old photo of Granger.
All of the puppies in the litter had very similar markings to Granger, and
all of them are healthy, friendly, active puppies.  They all sold easily.  I
would (and have) recommended that Torque be considered by anyone interested
in breeding their German Shepherd.
    Please feel free to use my comments and photo of the puppy, if you
want to.
Here is our baby, 35 pounds.  She starts training next week, I would like service training with her.  I will get her fixed the middle of May.  She is wonderful, a handful, but wonderful. Training will be very good for her.  So smart.

Thank you again, 

Nancy Holoway 
shown below is Daisey
Asher & Liebchen pup
Liebchen/Torque pup born in 2015
We all love Karma. She's perfect for our family. Thanks for breeding such a beautiful dog!
Liebchen/Torque pup Febuary 2016
Daisy is doing great.  Her favorite thing to do is play ball with the kids.  She is 45 pounds at 18 weeks.  She starts puppy school on Monday and Wednesdays at a training school.  She will love to play with other puppies her age.  We thank you for giving us such a sweet girl!!
Hi Ginny! This is a Lauren Koss and Cameron Koss. I just wanted to update you with pictures of our Magnolia! She is perfect. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! She is such a well behaved, sweet girl. She is SO smart. By ten weeks she was responding to "come" and "sit". She is almost completely potty trained too! We love her more than anything and are so grateful to have such a beautiful, amazing puppy! Our vet also commented on how beautiful and healthy she was. We will keep you posted as she continues to grow! Thank you again, so much!

Lauren and Cameron Koss
Here's another picture of nali. She's had her second round of vaccines and started her heartworm and flea and tick regimine. She weighed 20lbs at her check up. She's doing great with house training. She already knows sit, lay down, come and stay. She's doing awesome!! Thanks again the Browns.